Mobile Otis - The App Support FAQ

If you are having trouble getting Mobile Otis - The App to work, the first thing is always to unplug and replug in your rabbit. We all know these things are fickle, and I have to do this for my own rabbit on a pretty regular basis. I think as Nabaztag owners, we've all sort of gotten use to this.

Below are a collection of questions and solutions which I am building to address issues as they come up. Please try these, and if none of them work, email support@mobileotis.com and I'll try to address your question. Please understand that this is not my full-time job, just a labor of Nabaztag love, so I may not be able to solve your problem, but I'll give it my best shot.

Also, bug reports can go to bugs@mobileotis.com and requests for new features, or anything else you'd like to see change, can go to new@mobileotis.com

Thanks for being a customer!

Mobile Otis Support FAQ